Daniela Donno

  • Associate Professor

Daniela Donno is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. She received her Ph.D. from Yale University in 2008. Her research interests center on international organizations, law, and norms, with a particular focus on the international influences on elections,  human rights, and women’s rights. Her book, Defending Democratic Norms (Oxford University Press), explores how international actors promote democracy in countries that hold flawed elections. Other work explores the politics of authoritarian regimes, with a particular focus on elections and women’s rights. Her research has been published in the American Journal of Political Science, International Organization, Journal of Politics, World Politics, International Studies Quarterly, Review of International Organizations, and Comparative Political Studies.  


0500 World Politics

1581 International Democracy Promotion

2501 International Relations Theory

2502 International Organization


Education & Training

  • PhD, Yale University, 2008

Representative Publications

“Can Human Rights Conditionality Reduce Repression? Examining the European Union’s Economic Agreements,” with Michael Neureiter. Review of International Organizations.

Donno, Daniela, Shawna Metzger and Bruce Russett. "Screening Out Risk: IGOs, Member State Selection and Interstate Conflict" Working Paper: University of Pittsburgh.

"Elections and Democratization in Authoritarian Regimes.” 2013. American Journal of Political Science  57(3).

Defending Democratic Norms: International Actors and the Politics of Electoral Misconduct. 2013. New York: Oxford University Press.

“Does Cheating Pay? The Effect of Electoral Misconduct on Party Systems” with Nasos Roussias. 2012.  Comparative Political Studies 45(5). 

“Can International Election Monitoring Harm Governance?” with Alberto Simpser. 2012. Journal of Politics 74(2). 

"Who is Punished? Regional Intergovernmental Organizations and the Enforcement of Democratic Norms." 2010. International Organization 64(4): 593-625. 

Research Interests

International Relations 
Comparative Politics
International Norms
Authoritarian Politics
Women and Politics


Area of Study